Endorsement from Pilkington

From Gary Wogan, Health & Safety Specialist at Pilkington, NA

“Dear Charlie:

I recently received a call from another national safety product company and after politely listening to the gentleman’s pitch I asked if they sold the Charlie videos.  He knew nothing about them.  So I went on, for a good 5 minutes, recounting the merits and contents of Charlie’s two videos: “Remember Charlie” and “Safety, Everyone’s Responsibility”, which I use for my annual safety training.

I work in the float glass manufacturing industry and for the past two years have been using the Charlie videos in my annual safety training.  When I first used the “Remember Charlie” video and told the class it was 56 minutes long, the collective moan almost pushed me out of the classroom.  But I knew I was in no danger of putting them to sleep when I started the video and turned off  the lights.  Word leaked out that I would be using the second video during the next annual training, now just finishing up.  As the class starts each session I am asked when the Charlie video will be played.  And, there is even a running commentary from the class as to whether the second video is better than the first.

Charlie’s presentation style and personality has a way of personalizing the message for each viewer.  During the rest of the class, as we cover the remainder of the safety topics, the comment often comes up, “What would Charlie do?”

I just wanted to thank you, Charlie, and your crew for turning Charlie’s personal tragedy into such a dynamic, heart-hitting message for the benefit of others’ lives.”

Gary Wogan, Health& Safety Specialist, Pilkington, North America, Inc.