Charlie Morecraft – Endorsement from USS NIMITZ, Safety Department

Benchoff, Edward A LT wrote:

Good morning,

My name is Edward Benchoff and I’m the Industrial Hygiene Officer aboard the aircraft carrier USS NIMITZ (CVN-68).  We’re currently in the Arabian Gulf and, due to the high number of flight operations, we are conducting quite a bit of maintenance on the aircraft (and ship in general).  One of our problem areas is always enforcing the use of various PPE.

I had the opportunity to watch the “Remember Charlie” video some years ago and was struck by how I was drawn in by Charlie’s amazing monologue.  He does a fantastic job of relating how important PPE is, in words that my crew would be able to understand and relate to.  I am very, very interested in getting a copy of the video to play during our next All Hands meeting in our hangar bay.

Thank you and keep up the great videos!

Very Respectfully,

LT Edward (Ted) Benchoff

Industrial Hygiene Officer

Safety Department