Charlie Morecraft – Endorsement from Boeing Integrated AeroStructures, Auburn, WA

From Boeing Integrated AeroStructures, Auburn, WA.
Mike Hansen Statement on Charlie Morecraft
Phoenix Safety Management

Charlie Morecraft delivers a powerful safety message drawn from his own near-death experience in a fiery refinery explosion and his long and excruciating recovery from the horrible burns he suffered in that disaster.   His account is consistent, as well as dramatic in focusing on quality of life and taking personal responsibility for one’s own safety.

As a Boeing safety manager, I arranged for Charlie to make several live presentations and videotaped two on-camera interviews at Boeing’s Integrated AeroStructures in Auburn, Washington.  We also purchased several sets of his videotapes, which have been widely used throughout Boeing.  Based on my highly positive experience with Charlie and his videos, I can attest to both the quality of these materials and performances and the huge impact they have had on Boeing employees.

Charlie’s live presentations here touched more than two thousand of our employees.   We greatly extended that impact by allowing employees to borrow the tapes and share Charlie’s story with their entire families.

Since introducing Charlie to our employees, I have gotten back hundreds of favorable comments, all of which included expressions of gratitude for the experience.

Charlie Morecraft and his company, Phoenix Safety Management have always been thoroughly professional and ethical in all of my dealings with them.  I have the highest regard for both Charlie and his staff.

Michael W. Hansen
Project Manager
Integrated Aero Structures, Auburn, WA