downloadable-presentation-with-Keynote Safety Speaker Charlie Morecraft

One-On-One With Charlie – Downloadable presentation with keynote safety speaker Charlie Morecraft (40-Minutes)

40-Minutes Downloadable One-On-One With Charlie

Charlie Morecraft has introduced his Custom Recorded Safety Presentations, ideal for safety training, and we received a lot of positive feedback!

This custom 40-minutes webinar called ONE-ON-ONE WITH CHARLIE, pre-recorded early October 2021, consists of a powerful safety presentation by keynote speaker Charlie Morecraft that will impact you for a lifetime. It’s the story of Remember Charlie, with additional details including Charlie’s life as of today, 30 years later, and the price that he and his family are still paying as a result of the accident …

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This product is delivered to your organization as a downloadable file (.mp4 format) and an agreement with terms of usage will be drafted upon completion of your order.

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