A Safety training platform for multiple employees in multiple locations!

Corporate Safety Event? Safety Meeting? Or simply looking for a better way to provide safety orientation to your employees?

Check our online streaming platform with Charlie Morecraft, one of the world’s most successful Safety Motivational Speakers, available to your whole organization 24/7!


Affordable subscription pricing, pay the license via our website and receive your access LINK, which allows you to login immediately and watch the content! Share the link with all your employees so they can enjoy it too!

Easy Access

Videos are accessible via Workstation, Desktop, Laptop or Tablet , using regular browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Mozilla or optionally by downloading our Mobile APP (Apple/iOS and Android/Google marketplaces).

Log Management

Users setup their own credentials and start watching the video immediately. All video activity is logged for further manager’s evaluation, this proves to be a great management tool to monitor the progress of your employee’s training sessions.

Best Safety Content

Charlie has more than 20 titles to choose from, including the #1 best seller video “Remember Charlie”, where he tells his journey from death’s door following a refinery explosion to why we all should follow safety procedures precisely!

To sign up for the Online Streaming Platform is easy:

  1. Select the length of the Agreement, with a minimum of 1 month.
  2. Pay the license via our website and receive your access LINK, which will allow you to login immediately and watch the content!
  3. Share the LINK with your employees so they can also enjoy the VIDEO STREAMING!

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