Endorsement from Association of Upstream Operators of Trinidad & Tobago

Association of Upstream Operators of Trinidad & Tobago presents “Safety First & Always”  featuring Charles T. Morecraft – Safety Motivational Speaker

At Movie Towne – December 6th 2006 – (0900hrs-1200hrs)         

Charlie has worked for 27 years as an Exxon Refinery Worker and Manager of Safety.  For the past sixteen years has traveled extensively making presentations for major corporations, organizations, public utilities, civic groups, as well as other non-profit organizations.

Most of us have the same attitude about safety that Charlie Morecraft had for a decade and a half while working at a refinery. Having been critically injured in an explosion that burned over 45% of his body, Charlie Morecraft conveys, in the most penetrating way, the lesson he so painfully learned.  Seldom, are we confronted by the real consequences of an abuse in safety practices.  You are guaranteed to be deeply moved and motivated to never again take safety for granted.  The emphasis of this presentation is the significance of attitude and personal responsibility.

Some of the learning objectives of the presentation are: To facilitate insight into personal safety practices and attitudes; A”wake-up call” that shakes us out of complacency and taking responsibilities for granted; Make us more responsible for our safety on the job, at home, at play, at travel, everywhere.  This presentation will dramatically change our attitude toward safety.  Our actions and behavior will go from being thoughtless, lackadaisical and routine to “Safety First & Always”.  Our consciousness will be raised to a new level.

Charlie Morecraft is a powerful and dynamic public speaker.  His audiences get a highly personal, private look at what happened to one man – – – and how it could happen to any one of us.  As Charlie always says, “I’m just an ordinary guy……… with an extraordinary story to tell”.

The message imparted is one of vital significance and universal magnitude.